Yoga teacher's training Course

Yoga teacher's training certification

As part of the Yoga Teachers Training at The Pink Lotus Academia, we offer International Certification in collaboration with Yoga Alliance International, the highest certification body in the world, providing worldwide accreditation to students globally.

The Pink Lotus Academia’s mission is to provide authentic knowledge of yoga, in a non-sectarian way, while giving each individual personal attention, space to learn and grow, and to understand their own limits and strengths. Our yoga courses are designed in a holistic fashion, to deepen and expand a practitioner’s knowledge and discipline of Yoga. During our training, you will gain authentic knowledge of Yoga from our expert master trainers who are dedicated towards each students’ unique yogic journey to help build a strong foundation towards the mastery of Yoga.

We shall be offering 200 hours of certification and 500 hours of Master certification. These will equip you with all the skills, tools and expertise you need to guide oneself and others through powerful, healing and restorative yoga classes, eligible to teach anywhere in the world.

We help Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners become better teachers and lifelong learners.

Immerse in the Gurukul style of dedicated lifelong learning

All our courses take place according to the ancient Indian education system, the  Gurukula system. Based on the philosophy of fostering a deep and strong bond of trust and dedication between the teachers and student, we believe it facilitates a sacred flow and proper understanding of the teachings. This bond allows students to fully focus on their experience, instructed and supervised at every step to and learn at their full potential.

Experience deep embodied practice in a space designed for inner elevation

Our studio space is a safe and sacred space for learning, nested underground away from the cacophony of the city overground. Its ambience expresses itself through healing hues, and is held together by bonds of universal love and conscious community

Meditatio Chakra illustration

Onboard a learning journey guided and supported by steadfast trainers

As part of the course, as well post completion, our Academy is committed to provide lifetime guidance (post program support) around developing a well-rounded professional persona (body language, setting tone & ambience) throughout your personal journey of growth and exploration.

Teacher's Training Essential


To become a certified Yoga Teacher, you would have to get training and certification by a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). As a qualified Yoga teacher, you will be responsible for instructing others, while being able to demonstrate various yoga poses, postures and  breathing, relaxation and other nuances and techniques. In this course, you will learn all the necessary skills to start teaching yoga professionally. You will learn: how to instruct, adjust, correct, modify and design and sequence a comprehensive yoga class. 


Our 200-hour course covers an extensive yoga teacher training curriculum with all the aspects of Transformational Yoga included, such as  theory, anatomy, physical and mental practice training and techniques, including but not limited to –  a comprehensive understanding of Yoga asanas, proper alignments, detailed correction techniques, personal modifications, benefits and contraindications of each asana, in detail. After this intensive course you will possess an internationally 200-hour yoga certification and you will be able to teach yoga with confidence and skill anywhere in the world legally. 

Our 500 hour yoga TTC offering is designed to help you develop into a well-rounded and skilled yoga teacher. The two courses complement each other as the 500-hour course builds up on the knowledge and skills gained during the foundational 200-hour course, advancing your practice further towards greater sophistication and developing a niche. You will also have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology to teach safe classes to students of different ages, backgrounds and experience levels, as well as learn about complimentary modalities such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy rooted in Vedic & Yogic sciences and scrpiture. During this course, you will also learn different meditation and concentration techniques, and with your daily intensive yoga asana classes, improve your own practice to an entirely unique level. 


We help Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners become better teachers and lifelong learners.

Program Eligibility

Our yoga teacher training offerings are open to all without age limits. This course is intended for those who have an unquenchable desire to increase the knowledge of Yoga as a practice, its methods and the philosophy behind it. 


Our courses are designed to ensure flexibility and paced as per each student’s bespoke needs, and are therefore ideal for students and working professionals who wish to benefit from advanced authentic training in Indian Yoga Science without enrolling in a full-time, residential training format.

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Yoga Faculty

Kaavita Das’s journey of movement began at the tender age of three when she initiated training in dance. Since then, she has learnt from renowned gurus in different dance styles— creative Indian contemporary under Guru Smt. Tanushree Shankar, modern contemporary under Yuko Harada and Kathak under Smt. Sangita Chatterjee.

Yoga Faculty

He is from India and He has been practicing yoga since the past 17 years. He has participated and won medals in many National yoga championships. He has completed his Master’s in yoga specialising in therapy. He has experience of giving therapy to his students for various lifestyle diseases, disorders, injuries, etc. through some restorative and calming practices, as well as he train and help his students to achieve their fitness and flexibility goals through Ashtanga Vinyasa style and Advanced hatha yoga practice.