About Us

Our Vision

"A world filled with Art"
To be a global brand nurturing Art and Aesthetics. A worldly platform that makes its place in the hearts of people and be recognised the world over for its work in the realm of Indian Classical Art and culture.

Our Mission

To develop strong teaching links with enthusiastic students as well as other institutes to further their aims in the selected genre. To support Indian arts and culture. To invest in the arts and culture sector and develop a business focused industry that presents diverse cultural activity, converging communities and consumers for satisfying aesthetic experiences.

Areas of Function:

While our primary aim is to deliver online teaching in Indian Classical Music, Dance and Yoga, we also support and develop the Indian Classical Arts and Culture sector and organisations in order to strengthen their enterprise to check how studying and learning these arts can bring economic, social and personal success on a long-term basis. Our lessons happen through video tutorials, personal coaching, group classes, skill development, advice, mentoring, workshops and concerts.
Arts, culture and lifestyle programmes are organised for public viewing which spreads the word on how enriching this medium is. This bolsters our sustainability in operation while ensuring a comprehensive cultural programme beyond borders.

Within The Pink Lotus Academia, individual strands represent different disciplines of Dance, Music, Yoga, Visual Arts, Theatre, Literature, Sculpture, Craft, History & Heritage, Festivals, Traditional Arts among others.

Idea Behind Creating The Pink Lotus Academia

While the world adapted to closed lives this year, we realised that creative pursuits could open up avenues of the mind and heart in various ways. As Covid struck, virtual platforms opened up with innovations and experiments. From education, to business to procuring groceries.
In tandem with this radical change in the medium of learning, we identified that classrooms are not the only option to knowledge sharing. Research ensued on market trends whereby Online emerged as one of prime variants of learning in these altered times.
The Pink Lotus Academia stands out because it saves on conveyance costs, saves travelling and preparation time. On an easily accessible single platform, one gets to choose from a flexible module of multiple options such as Dance, Music, Yoga and Visual Art.
We customise learning experiences so that the student can learn at their own pace. On an open platform such as this, the pressure of being surrounded by peers is obviated. This enables students to absorb information better. Especially lone souls who thrive in solitude.

Workshops .

The Pink Lotus Academia is an Online Tutorial Platform, a creative organisation playing on the benefits of Indian Classical Arts and Culture so that they help in boosting artistic faculties beyond the realm of performance to health and well-being. The idea is to incorporate their benefits and wholesomeness into any activity of our personal and social lives.

Core Committee

Kaavita Das


Kaavita Das’s journey of movement began at the tender age of three when she initiated training in dance. Since then, she has learnt from renowned gurus in different dance styles--- creative Indian contemporary under Guru Smt. Tanushree Shankar, modern contemporary under Yuko Harada and Kathak under Smt. Sangita Chatterjee.

Sitarist in a studio

Soumitra Thakur

Panel Member

Soumitra Thakur was initiated into the world of music when, at the tender age of four, he began training in sitar under his uncle Shri Prashanta Thakur, who belongs to the rich heritage of Bishnupur Gharana. Soumitra’s baaj reflects and carries influences from both the Maihar and the Imdadkhani Etawah Gharana because of his training and exposure to both the genres.

Sangita Chatterjee

Panel Member

Imbibing within herself the essence of Kathak of the Lucknow Gharana, its lyrical and sensuous movements, treasure of its scintillating rhythmic patterns and subtle abhinaya, Sangita Chatterjee entered the whirling world of beautiful dance under the tutelage of Guru Smt Vaswati Misra, one of the leading proponents of Lucknow Gharana Kathak.