Our music and culture dates back to the vedic times. Our ancient texts have referred our voice as the “Gatra Veena” or a form of musical instruments. Singing or vocal music has been an integral part of our age old tradition. Various forms of vocal music has evolved in the past 2000 years starting from vedic Strotam Gayaki or Prabandh Gayaki to Dhrupad to Khayal. Khayal Gayaki has evolved from Dhrupad to Khayal. Khayal Gayaki has evolved from Dhrupad form and has reached to it’s peak from now.

We at The Pink Lotus Academia are going to introduce Indian Classical Vocal Classes. The classes will happen in the online mode so students from anywhere can join and learn. Students from beginner to advance levels can join and learn the intricacies of Indian Classical Music.


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All our courses are structured in line with your exam syllabus to help you best prepare for it

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