The modern caretaker of an ancient rhythmic tradition that is perhaps 5000 years old. 

The tabla is a set of two drums that are played while sitting on the floor. The larger drum, called Bayan, was originally made from clay, but is now constructed of metal (bras, steel, or copper). The Bayan is considered the bass drum of the set, but there is a tremendous range of expression possible by using certain techniques employed by a skilled drummer. The right-hand drum is called the Dahina, and is made of a seasoned hard wood and hollowed out like the Bayan.

Both drums are played with the fingers and sometimes the palm of the hand.

Since the 18th century, tabla has been the principal percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music, where it may be played solo, as accompaniment with other instruments and vocals, and as a part of larger ensembles.


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Yashwant Vaishnav

Tabla Faculty

Widely hailed as a Tabla prodigy, Master Yashwant Vaishnav was
born to Shri Rajendra Vaishnav and Smt Bhagawati Vaishnav in
1993. His initial training began with his father from where he
went on to learn from Shri Hemant Sachdev.
To further his learning he came under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed tabla artist Pandit Mukund Bhale.
He had the fortune to study under Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar at the
ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata.
Currently he is a disciple of legendary Tabla Maestro Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Yashwant’s Tabla playing is marked with clarity and a crisp tonality which stays uncompromised at high octane speeds as well. His creative approach to rhythmic distribution and
progression is a treat to listen in his riveting solos. His approach
to accompaniment on the other hand is subtle, supportive and supplementary. Yashwant takes a keen interest in collaborating with different forms of music and is influenced by different genres and assimilates all of this in his playing.

Mahavir Chandrawat

Tabla Faculty

Mahavir started learning Tabla at the very age of 5 under the able guidance of PT Ravindra Soni Ji from the famous Farukkhabad Gharana. Mahavir is continuing his talim under Pt Soni Ji. He is also taking advanced training under the guidance of Pt. Mukund Bhale from Farukhabad Gharana.

He has also undergone training in other forms of perussion music from the famous percussion duo of Delhi Ravi-Rakesh. He has got the rare fortune to record numerous albums with his gurus and also as a soloist in the commercial industry.