Carnatic Vocals


Carnatic vocal music, a profound pillar of South Indian classical music, epitomizes the rich cultural heritage and spiritual ethos of India. This revered art form, deeply rooted in Bhakti (devotion), is renowned for its intricate ragas (melodic frameworks) and complex talas (rhythmic cycles), which together create an immersive tapestry of sound that has been enchanting audiences for centuries. Carnatic vocals, with their emphasis on voice modulation and elaborate ornamentations, offer a transcendent experience, often reflecting the timeless stories and philosophies encapsulated within Hindu traditions. The study and practice of Carnatic singing not only cultivates technical proficiency and expressive nuance but also serves as a journey into the soul of Indian spirituality.

Carnatic vocal music is renowned for its use of the ‘Sapta Swaras’ (seven notes), which align with the seven chakras of the body, believed to enhance spiritual enlightenment and healing when sung or heard.


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Dr. Sowmya Gurucharan

Carnatic Vocals Faculty

Dr. Sowmya Gurucharan is a Carnatic Classical Vocalist and an Educator who holds her
Doctorate in Carnatic Music from the University of Delhi.
She has been learning Shastriya Sangeetam for 20 years now under eminent Gurus and
Musicians: Sangita Vidwan. Shri.S. Vishwanathan, Shri.Ravi Kumar Malladi and
Prof.Dr.P.B.Kanna Kumar.
She has been performing under aegis of reputed Sabhas and organisations in India and abroad
and has been blessed with a number of laurels and awards.
Besides, she has been actively involved in many academic and educational projects in
scholastic and co – scholastic fields and has been presenting her work in National and
International Conference and Seminars.