Kaavita Das

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Kaavita Das embarked on her artistic journey at the young age of three, when she began her dance education. Over the years, she has studied under esteemed instructors in various dance genres—Indian contemporary under the guidance of Guru Smt. Tanushree Shankar, modern contemporary with Yuko Harada, and Kathak under Smt. Sangita Chatterjee.

As her professional life took precedence over her creative interests, Kaavita’s dedication to dance waned. However, realizing that this talent breathed life into her very essence, she chose to leave her job seven years ago to pursue her passion for art and fitness.

Kaavita earned her Yoga Masters from Sri Aurobindo International Yoga Centre, accredited by Yoga Alliance International, and dove headfirst into her role as a yoga instructor, aerialist, dancer, and creative movement therapy facilitator.

In 2013, Kaavita co-founded The Yoga Chakra, a highly sought-after establishment in the fitness world. As the CEO, she is committed to assisting enthusiasts in achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, supported by robust physical and mental well-being.

❝ Dance is the hidden language of the soul ❞

-Martha Graham

Numerous respected yoga instructors have received their training and certification under Kaavita’s tutelage. With her guidance, they have established successful yoga studios or work as independent instructors.

The Yoga Chakra has recently been recognized as the top yoga studio in Delhi by Google, Scoopwhoop, Little Black Book, and Culture Trip. In 2016, it received The National Healthcare Excellence Award for Best Emerging Yoga Studio in Delhi. Additionally, Kaavita has been named one of the top 10 yoga instructors in India by Soul Project India.

An avid traveler, Kaavita has shared her yoga expertise across the globe. She has also been a guest lecturer at various institutions and events, including BML Munjal University, News World India, Women Economic Forum, All Ladies League, and Doordarshan. Kaavita is a regular columnist for The Sentinel and has been featured in esteemed media outlets such as Discovery Channel, NDTV, TLC, CNN, Times Now, The Times of India, Aaj Tak, and Ananda Bazar Patrika.

Her recent accomplishments include receiving the WEF and ALL award for Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All. Kaavita was honored for her work in Yoganritya, an initiative that fuses yoga and Indian classical dance for fitness purposes.

Kaavita aspires to blend her passion, experience, and education in yoga and dance to develop a therapeutic-aesthetic discipline that nurtures the body and revitalizes the soul.