Ghungroo Workshop

Ghungroo Workshop

The ghungroo is an intrinsic element of all Indian traditional dance forms. As one of the main pieces of jewellery tied around the ankle, it provides rhythmic accompaniment to the performance. When a student is ready for stage performance, it is an important ritual for the guru to hand over the ghungroo to her/him. The student or performer thus comes rever the ghungroo. In this workshop, our Guru at The Pink Lotus Academia, Sangita Chatterjee, will guide Kathak students to make their own ghungroos. Join the “Ghungroo Making Workshop” to be held on the July 10th, from 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm. The workshop will deal with the intricacies of making ghungroo, an inevitable part of all dance performances. It is open to Kathak students, from beginners to intermediate level students to advanced level students.


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