Aerial Yoga Classes for Tourists Visiting New Delhi

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    H1Aerial Yoga Classes for Tourists Visiting New Delhi
    H2Introduction to Aerial Yoga
    H2Why Aerial Yoga is Gaining Popularity
    – H3Benefits of Aerial Yoga
    – H3How Aerial Yoga Stands Out
    H2Aerial Yoga in New Delhi
    – H3History and Origins
    – H3Popular Studios in New Delhi
    – H3Costs and Duration of Sessions
    H2Why Tourists Should Try Aerial Yoga
    – H3Unique Experience for Travelers
    – H3Health and Wellness on Vacation
    H2Preparing for Your Aerial Yoga Class
    – H3What to Wear
    – H3Do’s and Don’ts

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    Aerial Yoga Classes for Tourists Visiting New Delhi

    Have you ever envisioned yourself floating mid-air, flexing, and stretching in ways you never deemed possible? Enter the realm of aerial yoga, especially if you’re visiting New Delhi.

    Introduction to Aerial Yoga

    Aerial yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, amalgamates the traditional yoga poses with the use of a hammock. This hammock supports your weight, allowing you to attain deeper stretches and a broader range of motion. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

    Why Aerial Yoga is Gaining Popularity

    Aerial yoga is not just a trending hashtag; it’s a wellness movement. Let’s delve into why.

    Benefits of Aerial Yoga

    • Decompression of the Spine: Hanging freely means less strain on your backbone.
    • Improved Flexibility: The hammock aids in achieving challenging postures.
    • Enhanced Mental Well-being: Suspended mid-air, you’ll find a unique kind of serenity.

    How Aerial Yoga Stands Out Unlike regular yoga, where gravity works against you, aerial yoga uses it to your advantage. This gravitational pull, combined with the safety of the hammock, allows for unprecedented freedom.

    Aerial Yoga in New Delhi

    New Delhi, India’s sprawling capital, is a city of juxtapositions. Amidst the rich historical sites and bustling markets, there’s a rising trend of aerial yoga studios.

    History and Origins While aerial yoga seems novel, its roots can be traced back to traditional Indian practices combined with modern aerial arts. New Delhi, being a cultural hotspot, embraced this with open arms.

    Popular Studios in New Delhi Several studios have sprouted in New Delhi, with each having its unique offerings. From serene rooftop setups to dedicated spacious interiors, tourists are spoilt for choice.

    Costs and Duration of Sessions On average, an aerial yoga session in New Delhi might set you back by INR 1000-1500. Most classes run for 60 to 90 minutes, ensuring a deep and immersive experience.

    Why Tourists Should Try Aerial Yoga

    If you’re in New Delhi, it’s not just about the historical sites; it’s about the experiences.

    Unique Experience for Travelers How often do you get to say you tried aerial yoga in the heart of India? It’s a memory for the keepsake.

    Health and Wellness on Vacation Traveling can be strenuous. Aerial yoga can be the perfect antidote, blending relaxation with a good workout.

    Preparing for Your Aerial Yoga Class

    Like any adventure, a bit of prep goes a long way!

    What to Wear Opt for form-fitting clothing. Loose garments might get tangled in the hammock. And yes, leave the jewelry behind.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    • Do inform the instructor about any health concerns.
    • Don’t eat a heavy meal before the class.
    • Do come with an open mind and heart.


    Aerial yoga in New Delhi is more than a fitness fad; it’s an experience, an adventure, and a story worth telling. As the city’s landscape melds history with modernity, let your vacation narrative weave in wellness, novelty, and the joy of floating freely.


    1. Is aerial yoga suitable for beginners? Absolutely! Instructors often tailor sessions based on individual needs.
    2. Are there age restrictions for aerial yoga? Most studios have a minimum age limit, often around 12, but it’s best to check in advance.
    3. How safe is aerial yoga? When practiced with trained instructors and in reputable studios, it’s quite safe.
    4. Can I do aerial yoga if I’m afraid of heights? Yes, the hammock is usually just a few feet off the ground. It’s more about suspension than elevation.
    5. What if I have never done any form of yoga before? No worries! Just come with an open mind, and the hammock will support you, quite literally.


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