Ashish Dey

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Meet Ashish Dey, our exceptionally talented Guitar Instructor at The Pink Lotus Academia. His love for music transcends conventional boundaries, forming a vibrant blend of creativity, passion, and expertise that he wholeheartedly passes onto his students.

An accomplished guitarist with over a decade of experience, Ashish has honed his craft across multiple genres from classical, blues, rock to jazz. His musical journey has seen him performing on diverse platforms, enthralling audiences with his intricate melodies and harmonic sophistication.

Ashish’s teaching style is as dynamic as his musicianship, designed to empower each student, from beginners to advanced players. His methods fuse foundational techniques with individual creativity, inspiring students to not only master the instrument but to also embrace their unique musical expression.

Possessing an academic background in music theory, combined with practical experience from his illustrious career, Ashish deeply understands the technicalities and nuances of guitar playing. He is a firm believer in the transformative power of music and is devoted to helping each student unlock their potential and find their own musical voice.

In Ashish’s classes, you can expect personalized guidance, an environment of inclusive learning, and most importantly, an infectious love for music. Whether you aspire to strum your first chords or enhance your existing skills, Ashish Dey is here to inspire and guide you on your musical journey.

Join Ashish at The Pink Lotus Academia and embark on a transformative musical journey. Let his dedication, passion, and expertise guide you towards achieving your guitar-playing dreams.

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