Beyond Expectations

Since childhood, the concept of expectation has been imposed upon us. Starting from our parents, friends, relatives asking us ”Beta, what do you want to become when you grow up- Doctor or Engineer?” And the little child starts believing their expectations as his own. And thus starts the never ending list of expectations. Words like, ‘uncondition’ ,’inclusion’, ‘acceptance’, just remained there as fancy words in the dictionary, never to be taken seriously because our own world is now dictated by over powering expectations. We are engrossed expecting or fulfilling expectations. How about cultivating the act of selflessness. Cultivating the act of having No-expectations. Having no expectation, doesn’t mean you have no orientation. Infact it means, you are even more passionately driven because you are not dependent on any external subject or object to create your own world of happiness. Karm Kar Phal Ki Iccha Mat Rakh. It means, you are in a joyful zest to chase and achieve what you want, and even if it is not achieved or your goal seems far away, you are still pleasant, calm and composed, because you are in competition with no one.
Having no expectations means you are well established in your body. Having no expectations means you are well sustained in your emotions. Lord Krishna once said, ”Yogasthaha Kuru Karmani”- which means first establish in Yoga then act. So establish in your own being. Fix yourself first before going out to fix the world. What happens within you is to be determined by you, and not anybody else.