This year has taught us a lot of lessons, understanding, and learning. We all experienced major emotional shifts and turmoil. I have had my share of emotional ups and downs as well. Many spiritualists believed that 2021 was going to be a significant year. However, little did we know how this year would unfold. But the catch is, 2021 asked us to examine our lives collectively and individually and that is significant indeed. Collectively we have questioned the existing system. Individually we have been quarantined which has led a lot of us to re-examine our lives and determine what is and isn’t working anymore. 

2021 has been a pivotal year in seeing some major shifts in breaking old structures that were not working anymore because we are moving into an era of freedom and personal responsibility. Most of us faced our greatest fear- The fear of Death and experienced emotional and mental havoc and push to re-evaluate our lives.

In order for the world to transform into something better, the old system must fall apart. 

As the year is coming to an end- I would personally extend my gratitude to all who stood by me- all who messaged and called to find out if am doing okay- all who loved me and held space for my messy, fragile parts as I was struggling to get past rough times that 2021 made all of us go through. Gratitude to all who stayed- all who continued to stay in my life and also sincere gratitude to all who left- I believe it was a signal from the universe that something better is yet to unfold. 

With all losses and gain, pleasure and pain, thank you everyone for journeying with me through this and making me come out of it alive and together. 

With hopes and faith I look forward to next year.