A Complete Guide to Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification in New Delhi with The Pink Lotus Academia

  1. Introduction

    Ever thought of soaring while you stretch? Aerial yoga, a harmonious blend of traditional yoga, dance, and aerial acrobatics, offers just that. And if you’re in New Delhi, look no further than The Pink Lotus Academia for an authentic and transformative training experience. Let’s dive into the wonders of aerial yoga training certification at thepinklotusacademia.com.

    Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification in New Delhi with The Pink Lotus Academia

    Blessed with a legacy of yoga and the vibrancy of the Indian capital, The Pink Lotus Academia in New Delhi presents a unique opportunity. Not only do you get to learn from experts, but you also imbibe the very essence of yoga from its homeland.

    • What is Aerial Yoga?

      • A Melting Pot of Disciplines
      • Embracing Yoga from a Different Perspective
    • Why Choose The Pink Lotus Academia?

      • Experience and Expertise: With seasoned trainers and a rich curriculum, they’re a class apart.
      • Holistic Curriculum: Dive deep into asanas, meditation, and the philosophy of yoga.
    • New Delhi – A Yoga Capital

      • A City Steeped in Tradition
      • Yoga Hotspots in the Heart of India
    • Training Modules at The Pink Lotus Academia

      • Foundation and Advanced Training
      • Special Modules: Kids, Seniors, and Therapeutic Aerial Yoga
    • Certification and What It Entails

      • Recognition and Affiliation
      • Post-Certification Opportunities
    • Learning Beyond the Mat

      • Workshops, Retreats, and Masterclasses
      • Engaging with a Community of Like-minded Individuals
    • An Investment in Yourself

      • The Tangible and Intangible Benefits
      • From Student to Teacher: The Transformation
    • Getting Started with The Pink Lotus Academia

      • The Enrollment Process
      • Pre-requisites for the Training
    • Testimonials: Voices from the Alumni

      • Success Stories
      • Building Bonds Beyond Training
    • Stay Connected

      • Alumni Network and Continued Learning
      • Engaging with The Pink Lotus Online


    Why should I choose aerial yoga over traditional yoga?
    While traditional yoga offers immense benefits, aerial yoga introduces an added dimension of depth and flexibility. The use of a hammock or swing facilitates greater stretches and can be gentler on the joints.

    What’s the duration of the certification program at The Pink Lotus Academia?
    The standard teacher’s training certification spans over a month. However, there are intensive courses available for those short on time.

    Is prior yoga experience necessary?
    It’s recommended to have a foundational understanding of yoga. Nevertheless, The Pink Lotus Academia welcomes enthusiasts of all levels.

    How does The Pink Lotus Academia ensure safety during aerial yoga sessions?
    Safety is paramount. The academy uses high-quality equipment, and trainers undergo rigorous training to ensure all sessions are safe and enjoyable.

    Can I start teaching immediately after certification?
    Yes, the certification equips you with the skills and confidence to start your teaching journey.

    Are there any age restrictions for the course?
    Aerial yoga is for everyone! However, for the certification, it’s advisable to be above 18 years.


    If the idea of blending the age-old wisdom of yoga with the thrill of aerial acrobatics resonates with you, there’s no place like The Pink Lotus Academia in New Delhi. The academy promises not just a certification, but a journey of self-discovery and growth. Ready to elevate your yoga experience? The sky’s the limit!


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