As part of the Yoga Teachers Training at The Pink Lotus Academia, here are what is being offered for a well-rounded approach to the segment so that teachers can take the benefits of Yoga all over the world:

  1. Certification from Yoga Alliance International and World Yoga Federation, the highest certification body in the world in collaboration with The Pink Lotus Academia.
  2. With this certification, trained practitioners will be eligible to teach anywhere around the world.
  3. We shall be offering 200 hours of certification and 500 hours of master certification.
  4. Anybody can pursue this training for self-training. If they wish to become a yoga teacher and turn it into their profession, these certifications will be beneficial.
  5. Three months programme is 200 hours and shall be completed with weekly classes. Six months programme is of 500 hours, to be completed via weekly classes.
  6. Course fees: (200 hours - Rs 46000; 500 hours - Rs 1 Lakh).
  7. The Teacher Training Courses will include Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Asanas with benefits and contraindications.
  8. The training will be taken by experienced Yoga Master trainers including Kaavita Das.
  9. Several Yoga enthusiasts have completed their certification courses under the able guidance and training of Kaavita Das. The same are now established yoga trainers, running their yoga centres, teaching and counselling successfully.


Syllabus for the Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Introduction: Transformational Yoga
  • Theory of Transformational Yoga: Connecting to the Higher Self
  • Basic Anatomy of Transformational Yoga 
    • Chakra
    • Bodies 
    • Pranas 
    • Nadis 
    • Mooladhara Chakra 
    • Swadisthana Chakra 
    • Manipura Chakra 
    • Anahata Chakra 
    • Vishuddhi Chakra 
    • Ajna Chakra 
    • Sahasrara Chakra 
    • Para & Apara Bodies 
    • Human Anatomy 
    • Yoga Mudras 
    • Nadis
  • Mantras 
    • Significance of Om 
    • Invocation Mantra 
    • Chakra Mantra
    • Element Mantra

  • Mind & Meditation 
    •  Aspects of the Mind
    • Meditation
  • Bandhas & Yog Nidra
    • Bandhas 
    • Yog Nidra
  • How to Counter Bad Habits
  • The Practice 
    • Pranayama 
    • Asanas: Chakra Activation set 
    • Asanas: Stomach set 
    • Asanas: Back set 
    • Asanas: Standing set 
    • Asanas: Surya Namaskara 
    • Benefits and Contraindications of different asanas. 
    • Application of Asanas for various diseases and illness. 
    •  Alignment and techniques
  • Benefits: Chakra activation set
  • Sequence: How to practice and teach.