The Pink Lotus Academia proudly presents an intensive Tabla and Percussion workshop by the incredible Shri Yashwant Rajendra Vaishnav.

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The curriculum of The Workshop: 

1. Elementary Theoretical constructs.

2. Intensive rhythmic exercises.

3. Deeper understanding of Taala, Laya, Matra, Theka, Sam, Taali, Khaali, Vibhaag, Kayda, Tihai, Tukda etc

4. Outline the history of prominent Gharanas of Tabla.

5. Structural Knowledge of specifically Punjab Gharana of Tabla.

6. Basic Bols- Varnas of Tabla

7. Theka of Teental/ Jhaptaal/ Rupak with Thah, Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun, Kayda, Paltas Chakradhaar Tukda etc

8. Traditional Bandish compositions ranging from basic, rare to difficult.

9. Basic Knowledge of Vocal and Instrumental accompaniment. 

10. Intensive sessions on Padhant- How to improve tonal clarity, the proper enunciation of syllables, breathing techniques etc

11. Tabla solo - Different aspects of Tabla- Peshkar/ Uthan, improvisation etc  

12. Rhythmic Challenges

13. Practice Routines and materials.

By the Live Session Recording 

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