Sitar Master Class

Sitar Masterclass by Shri Soumitra Thakur

Hailing from the rich and glorious heritage of the Bishnupur Gharana, Soumitra began his training in sitar at the age of four from his Uncle Shri Prashanta Thakur. Presently he is undergoing advanced training with the celebrated sitar maestro Pt. Kushal Das of the Maihar Gharana. Briefly he underwent training from Ustad Rashid Khan. As part of his formal music education he has completed his MA from the University of Delhi and has won the Gold Medal on its completion. His baaj reflects and has influences from both the Maihar and theImdadkhani Etawah Gharana because of his training and exposure to both the systems.

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Masterclass Curriculum

1. Revisiting the basics: Learning and revising the fundamental techniques.

2. Understanding basic rhythms

3 .Structuring your recitals and help you customize, designing your musical recital.

4.  Learn how to maintain your sitar.

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(This Masterclass is for intermediate and advanced students only. Instrumentalists from other verticals are also welcome to join. Minimum training of 1 year is needed to attend this Masterclass.)