1. What are the advantages of taking classes online?

We are living in a world which is going through too many changes at any given point of time. Hence, flexibility is of paramount importance where applicants to the academy can balance their professions with the time they invest in learning an art. An online platform is the best option here for it can be attended to for a reduced cost. There is optimum utilisation of time and money as people don't have to travel far and wide to brick and mortar classes braving traffic and the commotion outside.

Being a member of an online academy opens up network opportunities whereby a learner can interact with their peers across the nation and abroad for knowledge exchange and experience sharing.

An online academy is a safe documentation centre where documents, certificates and information is stored and protected online. With time at a premium, everything that is needed to start the process of learning is available at the click of a button.

2. How do I interact with the Teacher?

The Pink Lotus Academia will offer zoom classes twice a month to facilitate an interaction with the teachers. This would ensure a personalised approach and a one to one interaction between the artists and students.

In case there is a requirement students can visit the instructor too with prior appointments at our GK2 studio.

3. Are online classes self-paced or scheduled?

All online classes will be scheduled from beforehand. Zoom classes will be assigned. However, necessary changes, if any, will be made as and when required in case of any emergency.

4. Are there specific login or online participation times?

Yes we shall be announcing those on our website. Zoom classes timings will be fixed. However, video tutorials are free to be watched anytime by the students for picking up as well as practise.

5. Can I go on vacation while taking an online class?

That depends on how deep your concentration level is. You are free to be on a vacation during which your online classes are scheduled as long as you think you can attend the classes without distraction and can carry your instruments or other equipments required to attend the class.

6. How Is an Online Classroom Typically Structured?

We shall have three structures allotted for online classes

  • Beginners level Brinta - The Beginning
  • Intermediate level Koli - The Madhyam
  • Advanced level Pushp - Towards Blooming

7. Do Students Need to Attend Classes at Specific Times?

Yes, definitely. Because this is a well structured academy complete with a systematic process of learning. Time and date will be alloted.

8. Do Online Classes Have In-Person Components?

Yes. We, at The Pink Lotus Academia, shall always ensure a personal touch.

9. What Should Students Know Before Enrolling in an Online Course?

Any learning is a sum total of effort and concentration. If students put in the effort and follow the classes and training diligently, the learning will be sound and fast. Always remember, online classes are no different from traditional classes, except that you meet your instructors on screen instead of in person. We know of many good instructors owning a list of credentials teaching online. Moreover, students in an online academy have plenty of opportunities to interact with peers. Our online examinations will be duly proctored.

10. How do I register for classes?

There is a yearly membership fee that has to be paid during registration. According to the course you select, there is a fee to be paid on a quarterly basis.

11. Benefits of online as against in school

The basic premise of having online classes is to cater to sound learning in a systematic manner over a virtual forum. Care is taken to ensure dissemination of knowledge and training via esteemed teachers who have garnered national and international laurels through hard work, talent and perseverance. That creativity and grains of wellbeing is transferred to students in a structured format. To enable them to understand the rich cultural heritage of our country and I corporate these arts into their lifestyle for sound health and mental wellbeing.

12. Do I need an instrument at home to take lessons?

Yes. Because without that you cannot practise at home.

13. Do you teach adults?

Yes. There is no age for learning. We welcome all to learn.

14. How much should I practice?

There is no end to learning. And learning can happen only through observation, absorption and practise. Remember practice makes perfect.

15. Do you have a practice incentive program?

Yes. Every quarter, students shall be awarded depending on the number of hours of practice they have put in.

16. Do you have student recitals?

Yes. There will be a student performance forum organised annually where students will be asked to perform.